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1972 Datsun 240Z Z-Series Base Coupe

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Make: Datsun
Model: 240Z
Year: 1972
Mileage: 31467 Miles
Condition: Used
Country: United States
Region: Colorado
City: Denver
Zip: 80235
1972 DATSUN 240Z ~ Year for the most refined 240Z before smog alterations
Color: Sunburst Orange Effect
I’ve been restoring this beautiful Z for over 3 years and it’s been a labor of love.

A little history: From what I understand, this Z has been in Arizona its whole life. I have maintenance records all the way back to March 1977 plus receipts to back them up and a few car registration forms. The owner before me lived in Tucson and the one before him lived in Scottsdale AZ. When I bought this Z in June 2013 it was in decent condition and appeared to be well cared for. The previous owner gave me records showing over $10,000 in maintenance and upkeep. He really liked this car but a situation at home forced him to sell. Now, when I purchased this Z it did need a paint job but I wanted to make it mechanically sound first plus there are upgrades that every Z can benefit from.

A little bit about upgrades: If you’ve ever owned a Z you know that some of the factory components never really were that strong and some just wear out over time. For example, the wiper motor runs real slow if at all. The windshield squirters don’t work. The turn signals usually don’t cancel. The fuse block burns because it was under-rated for the amount of power drawn by the lights. Wires burn up. The heater fan doesn’t push much air. The diaphragm on the distributor doesn’t hold vacuum. The alternator is too weak. The engine overheats. The lights are very dim. The brakes are weak. Motor mounts tear easily. The body is not very rigid. The gas tank rusts and the sending unit doesn’t work. Raw gas smell gets in the car. Headliner falls off. Seats are uncomfortable. Heater core leaks or there’s no heat at all. So you ask why I would ever want to own a 240Z. Simple, all these challenges are easily fixed with upgrades or maintenance and I’ve taken care of them all on this Z.

What’s been fixed: All of it. Honda wiper motor upgrade-2-speed wipers are strong and fast. New windshield washer bottle and pump cleans the new windshield quickly. Turn signals and light switch have been refurbished. They look new and work great. Added a fuse block in the engine bay and put the headlights, marker lights and fuel pump on relays to take the heavy draw off of factory wiring. Upgraded the alternator to 60 Amps. Honda heater fan upgrade; fan blows strong now and all speeds work. Installed a Mallory electronic distributor with vacuum advance; no more messing with points. Upgraded to a Champion aluminum radiator and two stage electric fans; never overheats. Upgraded to Hella H4 halogen headlights creating much more visibility. Upgraded to a Wilwood 1” master cylinder and did the Toyota 4-piston caliper upgrade; stops very well with a firm pedal feel. Installed custom engine mount brackets that use a heavy duty Prothane engine mounts. Installed front and rear strut tower braces to reduce body twist. Had the gas tank cleaned and resealed, replaced hoses, and installed a new Nissan fuel sending unit; no fumes and the gas gauge works correctly. Had heater core checked and then installed new hoses and valve. Installed brand new headliner with extra heady duty adhesive; now it stays up even in the Arizona heat. Installed comfortable seats from a 2007 Miata that are fully adjustable with plenty of headroom for taller people. Replaced overheated wires and installed new connectors/pins; like factory new. The 2.8 liter engine and N42 head were rebuilt about 500 miles ago at a professional shop. It has the highly desired Ztherapy carburetors; now the vacuum advance works. Plenty more parts have been replaced or upgraded. There are fresh fluids in radiator, engine, brakes, transmission, and differential. I would trust this car to drive cross country any day of the week.

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